Nerf Gun Guidelines

READ FIRST:  You do not need to bring anything with you to play!  Basic gear will be available at a rate of $4 for the night. Advanced gear will be available for sale. Regardless, DO NOT BRING AMMO, ammo will be provided by the event.

If you wish to come prepared with your own guns, make sure they meet the following requirements.

NEW 1. No flashlights or laser pointers.

For safety and game balancing, flashlights and laser sights are not allowed.

2. No Modifications (except purely cosmetic changes)

All guns must be functionally unmodified.   This means anything that changes how the gun operates, how fast it shoots, how far it shoots, and how hard it shoots is not allowed.
Cosmetic modifications are okay provided that they are not dangerous.   This means nothing sharp or large and heavy.

Lawrence vs. Zombies reserves the right to turn down any player-provided gun.

3. All guns must be able to launch common Nerf darts

If your gun launches any of the Nerf Darts below (or the common variations of these darts), it should be okay.

Elite Dart
Mega Dart
Zombie Strike Dart
Streamline Dart
Micro Dart
Whistler Dart
Tagger Micro Dart
Nerf, Nerf Guns, Nerf Darts, Elite Darts, Mega Darts, Streamline Dart, Micro Dart, Tagger Micro Dart, and the Whistler Dart are all trademarks and/or products of Hasbro Inc.